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<br />,,,~,,,~~:'w,,.v.,,,~~.~I_Nt'.B!";i\'lll1~Rg~1;'C1I~it\iJ{I!G1l*1lI1111I1Y1JiIlW : Tlif'::'r,7" II Ulu..r <br /> <br />l\t~olution J!o. 12130 <br /> <br />^ RESOLUTION COMMENDATORY OF THE RECORD, SERVICE AND <br />ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE HONORABLE MELVIN J. RICHARD, AS <br />MAYOR AND COUNCILMAN OF THE CfIY OF MIAMI BEACH, <br />FLORIDA. <br /> <br />~. <br /> <br />~btrta~, 1M HOtIorable Melvin J. Richard UW' first elected as 0 l1...mber of this, tM City <br />Cou,1CiJ of tM City of Miami Beaeh, Florida, on June 7. 1949 and theuafter served continu- <br />"usly as Crnmrilnwn of the City of Miami Beaeh nntil June 7. 1967. with 1M exception of 0 <br />fux)-year interval frol1l 1953 to 1955; and <br /> <br />~tfJtrta~, the said HonMable Melvin J. Richard during said period also sL'rWd as Mayor for <br />/1... City of Miami Beaeh. Florida, from June 4,196310 June 2,1965; and <br /> <br />~"tt'ta~, the record of tlU' said Honorable Melvin J. Richard both as a ",ember of tltis City <br />Council and as Mayor of the Cily of Mia.... Beach, Florida, is 0 record of britlJam lruler, <br />reflecling abililies of superwtive degree, keen intellect, a fearless, staunch, u....vatmng and <br />Imariotu Periclean dn'olion 10 cit;" duty and obligation as il 'lL'llS gil'Ct1 to him 10 see lhe same.: <br />and <br /> <br />.btrta~, 1M Honorabk' Melvin J. Richard lab/J1'ed nnremittingty and with Hercukan <br />strmglh aoui cOl/rage to dn'c/op mui fflhance nol only lhe presCtlt and fulure well-being of tlU' <br />community. l>ut also aid ami ell.onrage ils grmdh in Ihl' realms of cultural and aesthetic en- <br />deavor; and <br /> <br />mbtrta~, the introduction alld devclopmelll of the Tell"l.!iswn Industry in the Cit), of Miami <br />Beach is attributable. in large pari. /0 the foresighl alld active encouragement of the said <br />Honorable Meh,;n J. Richard: and <br /> <br />mbtrtllS, it is filting and proper liuJl the Cily Coullcil of tM City of Miami Beach upress, <br />for itself. and for the residmls and citizens of the City of Miami Beach, its enduring apprecia- <br />lion tf) lhe soia Hon/J1'able Meh,;.. J. Richard for the immeasurabll! and lasting contril>utions <br />m<Jde by him 10 the well-being of the community: <br /> <br />Jlow, m:bmfort, bt it bulp l1t~olbtb lip tbt Citp €ountil of tf)t f:itp of :Jtliami <br />JjltadJ, .:tloriba,that this Resolution be spread upon the afficial records of the City of MiamiSeiUh. Florida; that 0 copy of this Resolution be delivered to the said Honorable Melvin J. <br />Richard. alui also thai a copy of this Resolution shall be funlished 10 tlU' represenlatives of the <br />press. radio and tele1.,;s;on. <br /> <br />lJaSlitb anb lRbopttb this 7th day of June, lL=: <br /> <br />/ <br /> <br />Allest: <br /> <br /> <br />~u~~. <br />