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RESOLUTION NO. 2017-30065 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE MAYOR AND CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF <br /> MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, CREATING, SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF A <br /> MAJORITY OF THE AFFECTED PROPERTY OWNERS, A SPECIAL <br /> ASSESSMENT DISTRICT TO BE KNOWN AS THE WASHINGTON AVENUE <br /> BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT, FOR A TERM OF TEN (10) YEARS, <br /> TO STABILIZE AND IMPROVE THE WASHINGTON AVENUE RETAIL <br /> BUSINESS DISTRICT, WHICH IS LOCATED WITHIN A NATIONALLY <br /> RECOGNIZED HISTORIC DISTRICT, THROUGH PROMOTION, <br /> MANAGEMENT, MARKETING, AND OTHER SIMILAR SERVICES (THE <br /> "SERVICES"); PROVIDING FOR THE LEVY AND COLLECTION OF SPECIAL <br /> ASSESSMENTS IN THE AMOUNT OF $511,331 PER YEAR; INDICATING <br /> THE LOCATION, NATURE, AND ESTIMATED COST OF THOSE SERVICES <br /> WHOSE COSTS ARE TO BE DEFRAYED BY THE SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS; <br /> PROVIDING THE MANNER IN WHICH SUCH SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS <br /> SHALL BE MADE; PROVIDING WHEN SUCH SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS <br /> SHALL BE MADE; DESIGNATING THE LANDS UPON WHICH THE SPECIAL <br /> ASSESSMENTS SHALL BE LEVIED; PROVIDING FOR PUBLICATION OF <br /> THIS RESOLUTION; AND AUTHORIZING RELATED ACTIONS. <br /> WHEREAS, Washington Ave BID Inc. (the "BID") is a Florida non profit corporation, <br /> which represents a group of property owners of real estate in the vicinity of, abutting, or located <br /> on Washington Avenue; and <br /> WHEREAS, Chapter 170, Florida Statutes, authorizes any municipality, subject to the <br /> approval of a majority of the affected property owners, to levy and collect special assessments <br /> against property benefited for the purpose of stabilizing and improving retail business districts, <br /> wholesale business districts, or nationally recognized historic districts, or any combination of <br /> such districts, through promotion, management, marketing, and other similar services; and <br /> WHEREAS, on January 11, 2017, the Mayor and City Commission adopted Resolution <br /> No. 2017-29719, attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit "A," which, in pertinent <br /> part, authorized the Offices of the City Manager and City Attorney to work with the Steering <br /> Committee of the Washington Avenue property owners, for the purpose of establishing a special <br /> assessment district, pursuant to Chapter 170, Florida Statutes, to stabilize and improve the <br /> Washington Avenue retail business district, which is located within a nationally recognized <br /> historic district, through promotion, management, marketing, and other similar services; and <br /> WHEREAS, the special assessments levied within the proposed special assessment <br /> district, to be known as the "Washington Avenue Business Improvement District" (the "District"), <br /> shall be used to provide the services described in Exhibit "B," attached hereto and incorporated <br /> herein (the "Services"); and <br /> WHEREAS, the District is bounded on the north by 17th Street and on the south by 5th <br /> Street, and consists of properties abutting Washington Avenue and/or the cross-streets <br /> intersecting Washington Avenue; provided, however, that the following properties shall be <br /> excluded and exempted from the District: (1) residential properties; (2) common areas owned by <br />