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MIAMI BEACH <br />City of Miami Beach, 1700 Convent ion Ce nter Drive , Miami Beach , Florido 33 139, www <br />OFFICE O F THE CITY MANAGER <br />LTC # 613-2018 LETTER TO COMMISSION <br />TO : Mayor Dan Gelber and Members oft e City Com <br />FROM : Jimmy L. Morales , City Manager <br />DATE : November 19, 2018 <br />SUBJECT : Miami Beach Convention Center Construction Project Update No. 28 <br />The purpose of this L TC is to update the Mayor and City Commission on the Miami Beach <br />Convention Center (MBCC) Renovation and Expansion Project. The financial information provided <br />is through September 30, 2018. Project Dashboard is attached as Exhibit A and corresponding <br />Budget Summary Breakdown is attached as Exhibit B. <br />SCHEDULE UPDATE & PROJECT MILESTONES <br />Construction of the project commenced in December 2015 and is 97% complete through October <br />30, 2018. The P-lot Park and the Carl Fisher Clubhouse are both scheduled for completion in 2019 <br />by separate contractors . <br />Current Project Status I Events <br />To date, a total of forty four (44) events h(3v~ taken place during construction using Special Event <br />Perm its . The building is being prepared to host the 2018 Art Basel Miami Beach Fair (ABMS) which <br />will commence loading in ori November 19th with an opening day of December 5th . <br />Substantial completion and final completion of the remaining construction , including punch list items, <br />issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy and project closeout will be scheduled to occur in between <br />scheduled events which will cont inue after ABMS . The cancellation by Grand Basel of its show in <br />February 2019 provides an opportunity for the Construction Manager (CM) to work uninterrupted to <br />close out the project. <br />SEPARATE PROJECTS <br />P-Lot Park <br />The ITB for the P-Lot Park was issued on November 5th . Bids are due on December 13 th . It is <br />anticipated that the project will break ground in the first quarter of 2019 . Project completion is <br />scheduled for the fall of 2019 before the Design Miami show mobilization. <br />Carl Fisher Clubhouse Historic Restoration (Clubhouse) <br />It is anticipated that NTP 2 will be issued for construction commencement on December 3rd. Project <br />completion is anticipated prior to ABMS 2019 . <br />The City 's Capital Improvement Projects Department (CIP) is managing the Clubhouse project for <br />the City and a separate capital budget, funded by the MBCC project and other funding sources , has <br />been created for the project. A separate contractor , Critical Path Construction , has been selected <br />under the City 's procurement process to construct the project. Project allowances and financials for <br />the Carl Fisher Clubhouse have been removed from the MBCC monthly report and will be reported <br />separately by the CIP Department.