Sofia Paz Application PackagePaz Sofia M Last Name First Name Middle Initial 5055 Collins Ave Apt 7J Miami Beach Home Address City FL 33140 State Zip Code HomeWork studio@sofiamariapaz.com Email Address +1 (512)-541-51 Cellular Business Address City State Zip Code Occupation:Business Name: Fine Artist Please list your preferences in order of ranking [1] first choice [2] second choice, and [3] third choice. Please note that only three (3) choices will be observed by the City Clerk’s Office. (Regular Boards of City) Choice 1: Choice 2: Choice 3: Art in Public Places Committee BOARD AND COMMITTEE APPLICATION FORM Note:If applying for the At-Large position of the Historic Preservation Board, please answer the below questions: Have you ever resided in one of the City's Historic Districts for at least one year?Yes No Address in City Historic District submitted. Professional License No Professional Licenses Submitted. Note:If you are seeking appointment to a professional seat (e.g. attorney, architect, etc.), you must attach a copy of your currently effective corresponding professional license. Pursuant to City Code section 2-22(4) a, b and c: Members of Agencies, Boards, and Committees shall be affiliated with the city. This requirement shall be fulfilled in the following ways: YesResident of the City for a minimum of six (6) months: Demonstrate an ownership interest in a business established in the City for a minimum of six (6) months:No AFFILIATION WITH THE CITY OF MIAMI BEACH a. ● I am resident of:Middle Beach Or b. "Ownership Interest" shall mean the ownership of ten percent (10%) or more (including the ownership of 10% or more of the outstanding capital stock) in a business. "Business" shall mean any sole proprietorship, sponsorship, corporation, limited liability company, or other entity or business association. c.Full-time employee of such a business (for a minimum of six months); and I am based in an office or other location of the business that is physically located in Miami Beach (for a minimum of six months):No Notwithstanding the requirements set forth herein, the qualified full-time employee of a business must be approved by a 4/7th vote of the Mayor and City Commission. NOTE: Members of Agencies, Boards, and Committees shall be required to demonstrate compliance with the City affiliation requirements of section 2-22 (4) a and b of the Miami Beach City Code by executing an affidavit, stipulating that they have met either (or both) of said affiliation requirements. The original affidavit shall be filled with the Office of the City Clerk prior to being sworn in as a member. Or No● Have you ever been convicted of a felony:If yes, please explain in detail: ● Do you currently have a violation(s) of City of Miami Beach codes:No If yes, please explain in detail: ● Do you currently owe the City of Miami Beach any money:No If yes, please explain in detail: ● Are you currently serving on any City Boards or Committees:No If yes, which board? ● Are you presently a registered lobbyist with the City of Miami Beach?No ● I am applying for an appointment because I have special abilities, knowledge and experience. Please list below: - I have a Master's degree in Fine Art - Highly proficient in art history and architecture history - Specialist in contemporary art theory and installation art theory - Have hands-on experience in painting, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking, and digital processes in art including NFTs - Highly NOTE: IF APPOINTED, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO FOLLOW CERTAIN LAWS THAT APPLY TO CITY BOARD/COMMITTEE MEMBERS. THESE LAWS INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: o Prohibition from directly or indirectly lobbying city personnel (Miami Beach City Code section 2-459). o Prohibition from contracting with the city (Miami-Dade County Code section 2-11.1). o Prohibition from lobbying before board/committee you have served on for period of one year after leaving office (Miami Beach Code section 2-26) o Requirement to disclose certain financial interests and gifts (Miami-Dade County Code section 2-11.1). o Sunshine Law - Florida's Government-in-the-Sunshine Law was enacted in 1967. Today, the Sunshine Law regarding open government can be found in Chapter 286 of the Florida Statutes. These statutes establish a basic right of access to most meetings of Boards, Commissions, and other governing bodies of state and local governmental agencies or authorities. o Voting conflict - Form 8B is for use by any person serving at the county, city, or other local level of government on an appointed or elected Board, Council, Commission, Authority, or Committee. It applies equality to members of advisory and non-advisory bodies who are presented with a voting conflict of interest under Section 112.3143. Florida Statutes. ● In what organization(s) in the City of Miami Beach do you currently hold membership in? No Organization Information Submitted. ● List the address of all properties owned or in which you have an interest within the City of Miami Beach: No Owned Property Information submitted. If so, which department and title?No● Are you now employed by the City of Miami Beach: ● Pursuant to City Code Section 2-25 (b): Do you have a parent, spouse, child, brother, or sister who is employed by the City of Miami Beach?No If "Yes", identify person(s) and department(s): No relative's information submitted. BOARD & COMMITTEE FINANCIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT STATEMENT Acknowledgement of fines/suspension for Board/Committee Members for failure to comply with Miami-Dade County Financial Disclosure Code Section 2-11.1(i)(2) I understand that no later than July 1, of each year all members of Boards and Committees of the City of Miami Beach, including those of a purely advisory nature, are required to comply with Miami-Dade County Financial Disclosure Requirements. One of the following forms must be filled with the City Clerk of Miami Beach, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, no later than 12:00 noon of July 1, of each year: 1. A "Source of Income Statement;" or 2. A "Statement of Financial Interests (Form 1)¹ ;" or 3. A Copy of your latest Federal Income Tax Return. Failure to file one of these forms, pursuant to the Miami-Dade County Code, may subject the person to a fine of no more than $500, 60 days in jail, or both. _____________________________ ¹ Members of the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment will be notified directly by the State of Florida, pursuant to F.S. §112.3145(1)(a), to file a Statement of Financial Interests (Form 1) with the Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections by 12:00 noon, July 1. Planning Board and Board of Adjustment members who file their Form 1 with the County Supervisor of Elections automatically satisfy the County’s financial disclosure requirement as a Miami Beach City Board/Committee member and need not file an additional form with the Office of the City Clerk. However, compliance with the County disclosure requirement does not satisfy the State requirement. DIVERSITY STATISTICS REPORT The following information is voluntary and has no bearing on your consideration for appointment. It is being asked to comply with City diversity reporting requirements. WhiteRace/Ethnic Categories What is your race? No details providedOther Description: Gender:Female Are you Spanish/Hispanic/ Latino? Mark the "No" box if not Spanish / Hispanic / Latino.Yes Physically Challenged:No I HEREBY ATTEST TO THE ACCURACY AND TRUTHFULNESS OF THE APPLICATION; AND I HAVE RECEIVED, READ AND WILL ABIDE BY CHAPTER 2, ARTICLE VII, OF THE MIAMI BEACH CITY CODE, ENTITLED “STANDARDS OF CONDUCT FOR CITY OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES AND AGENCY MEMBERS AND ALL OTHER APPLICABLE COUNTY AND/OR STATE LAWS AND STATUTES ACCORDINGLY.” I Sofia Paz agreed to the following terms on 1/18/2022 4:02:05 PM Received in the City Clerk's Office by: Name of Deputy Clerk Control No. Date Board and Committee Application Checklist: Please ensure you have provided all information before applying or reapplying to any Board and Committee. YES YES YES YES I have answered all questions fully. I have uploaded a current resume, photograph, and a copy of any applicable professional license. I have completed and attached the Board & Committee Financial Acknowledgment Statement. I have completed and attached the Diversity Statistics Report. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the City Clerk via email: BC@miamibeachfl.gov or telephone: 305.673.7411 Note: Florida Statutes 119.071: The role of the Office of the City Clerk is to receive and maintain forms filed as public records. If your home address, telephone numbers, and/or photograph are exempt from disclosure and you do not wish your home address, telephone numbers, and/or photograph to be made public, please: 1) Use your office or other address for your mailing address; 2) Use your office or other telephone number for your contact number; and 3) Do not attach a photograph. Sofia Maria Paz Master Photo-compositor & Printmaker 5055 Collins Ave, Apt 7J Miami Beach, FL 33140 TEL 1+(512) 541-5180 EMAIL studio@sofiamariapaz.com WEB www.sofiamariapaz.com BIOGRAPHY Sofia Maria Paz (b. 1993) is an Argentine American conceptual fine artist based in Miami Beach, Florida. She received her printmaking MFA degree from Arizona State University (2018) and has since dedicated her creative practice to raising awareness about child abuse and sex trafficking. Since Paz was four months old, she was raised across the world between Switzerland, Argentina, and various coasts of the United States. This international upbringing exposed her to a wide range of multicultural perspectives, cultures, and artistic influences. However, throughout her life, Miami Beach has always been her family’s permanent hub of return since 1978. Having Miami Beach become her permanent residence, she has expanded her multidisciplinary practice from participating in satellite fairs during Art Basel, fine art exhibitions, and collaborative projects with nonprofit organizations, to immersing herself in Miami’s crypto art community and designing commissioned NFT collectibles. Aside from exhibiting internationally at the Duoro Biennial in Portugal and the Southern Graphics Council International, Paz is also known for her work at Arizona State University, where she received the GPSA Teaching In Excellence Award for her exemplary teaching philosophy. Paz has also worked collaboratively on numerous art projects involving aerospace engineers, cosmologists, physiologists, socio political scientists, and professional artists from different disciplines. Sofia Maria Paz Master Photo-compositor & Printmaker 5055 Collins Ave, Apt 7J Miami Beach, FL 33140 TEL 1+(512) 541-5180 EMAIL studio@sofiamariapaz.com WEB www.sofiamariapaz.com EDUCATION Masters in Fine Art, Printmaking Arizona State University; Tempe, AZ. Dec 2018 Bachelors in Fine Art, Studio Art The University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX. University Honors: Fall 2012–Fall 2014 EXPERIENCE 8/2016—1/2016
 Professional Fine Artist Established creative practice in Miami Beach, FL, dedicated to raising awareness about child abuse and human trafficking by participating in satellite fairs, fine art exhibitions, commissioned fine art works, and founding collaborative projects to help aid the efforts of non-profit organizations during the COVID pandemic. Created relations with Miami Beach’s crypto community as a certified crypto artist for her original NFT artworks and commissioned projects designing NFT collections. o Herberger Institute of Art & Design at Arizona State University; Tempe, AZ. 2D Design Instructor—Taught an undergraduate course focused on the basic principles and fundamentals of two- dimensional pictorial design through a variety of hands-on projects, multimedia demonstrations, and slide lectures that covered visual vocabulary, contemporary art theory, and art history. Color Theory Instructor— Taught an undergraduate course outlining the foundational principles of color theory and how they were applied in visual art, three-dimensional design, architecture, and installation art, from the 14th through the 21st Century. 
 12/2015—11/2017 Creative Research Assistant—Assisted Professor Emeritus, John Risseeuw, on a perpetual portfolio project, where senior Arizona State University professors were invited to collaborate on multimedia print editions inspired by their specialized fields of study—including cosmology, theoretical physics, smart materials engineering, psychology, and social political science. Off The Beaten Path, T-shirt campaign founded by Sofia Paz in collaboration with the nonprofit organization, Operation Underground Railroad, to help rescue children from sex trafficking and aid victims of sex slavery. Semographics III Mono-printing Marathon, was invited to participate in a collaborative printmaking marathon during the Southern Graphics Council International, where Sofia Paz and twelve other artists created eighty original artworks that toured the United States for three years as a traveling exhibition. Knowledge To Safety: A New Frontier multimedia print collaboration at Pyracantha Press in collaboration with aerospace engineers where we combined traditional handmade paper-making processes with smart materials and damage sensors to visually depict the role and importance smart materials play in monitoring the safety of our buildings, bridges, planes, and more. AWARDS & HONORS 2018 COLLABORATIONS 2021 2018 2016 GPSA Teaching Excellence Award, awarded by Graduate Professional Student Association in recognition for exemplary teaching at Arizona State University. 1/6/2010—Present 8/2017—4/2018 •Highly proficient in art history & architecture history. •Specialist in contemporary art theory and installation art theory. •Classically trained in painting, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking. •Have extensive knowledge and experience in crypto art and NTFs. •Can evaluate and critique artworks from an objective viewpoint. LANGUAGE SKILLS •English: fluent •Spanish: fluent •Italian: beginner level •French: beginner level SELECTED SKILLS Sofia Maria Paz Master Photo-compositor & Printmaker January 17th, 2022 5055 Collins Ave, Apt 7J Miami Beach, FL 33140 TEL 1+(512) 541-5180 EMAIL studio@sofiamariapaz.com WEB www.sofiamariapaz.com Dear Honorable Committee Members & Mayor Gelber, I would like to take this opportunity to declare my passionate interest to serve the people of Miami Beach by being considered for your vacant position in the Art In Public Places Committee. I am enthusiastically applying for this position because I firmly believe that the combination of my hands-on experience, extensive knowledge, natural ability, personality, and love of the city, can greatly contribute in the discussion of future public artworks. Aside from my Master’s qualifications, extensive knowledge, and work as a professor teaching undergraduate courses in art history, architectural aesthetics, contemporary art theory, and two and three dimensional design media, the fact that I am a professional Argentine American artist in her late twenties, I can bring a fresh, young perspective to the committee. For the past eight years I have worked on multiple cross-disciplinary art projects with artists, aerospace engineers, physicists, and others, whilst founding collaborative fine art campaigns to aid nonprofit organizations including Operation Underground Railroad. My family has lived in a historic Morris Lapidus condominium complex since 1978, so therefore I grew up hearing the stories and witnessing firsthand the invaluable role arts and culture has played in the City of Miami Beach’s growth and identity. Now with an established creative practice in mid beach, I am eager to be involved in the evaluation and commissioning of art projects that adorn our streets and enrich our buildings, which I so greatly admire and idolize. I am keen to discuss further on how I will add value to the committee and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Sofia M. Paz