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<br />'~ .... . <br /> <br />,-"." ,~ : .~...'!1>::~rrj}.1S~.'~~ <br /> <br />t-.-t' <br /> <br />W eis~ -~ <br /> <br /> <br />'~n^gea;-the--Iate MfGtegor- 7tRUN <br />. Smi~h. then president of ARK. <br />-_.~ <br />..- known as the. "Mother of In the. 1920s, she "Y.a..sin-. _.paid_t.ribute_tO-her_by,,;,,,,wdl,-. ":'~'~~RiF <br />Miami Beach" arid "Une- stnimentilJ in- e/itablishing ing 1I poem entitled "'An f~:n~~~ <br />lected Eighth' Councilman." the firstpublicpaoc=oI1=" .,,,QQ.~.!Q,~.Bosi~/',..~L~l~,...en- _ -jlst~~ <br />-dllld-Tuesday' in the Jewish MiamI,' . Beach, near Wash- couraged her to contlllue Service. <br />h .., I t pilla, L <br />Home for the Age~. ington Avenue and Third . er CIVIC IOVO vemen , 'RIV.ER~ <br />Candidates for office in Street. She is survived by two CARSe <br />Miami Beach sought her ad- After the 1926 hurricane; SOliS, Milton, presi~e!l..L oL 'HOW~R <br />. h her home became a Red. Financial Federal' Savings Tues. ^ <br />vice over t e years. and Loan Association of r~lher, <br />"SI1e-was-m,-e a mother Cross..emergenG.y.-staUon.--,- -~.----- .. .-.-----.------- ..bluish <br />Loss of power following the Miami Beach! and Eugene: ~~ aas <br />to me and to everyone who a daughter, Mrs. Malvina . Guard, <br />k h" M' . B I hurricane prompted her to .. "wlll be <br />newer, laml eae 1 Liebman', five grandchil- week ~ <br />.M help lead an effort to get <br />ayor Chuck Hall said. dren', one great-ar,andchild', dSt8,nceAbo, <br />. bottled gas supplied to c' <br />... Anyone who had a proj- :md three sistets." Mrs-:Belln . -manls-t <br />Miami Beach so that 'people <br />lem or needed to know the Feld, Mrs. Bessie Jacoby NE <br />f I' f th I f would have cooking fuel. 1333 D~d. <br />ee mg 0 e ' peop e 0 Mrs. Weiss helped start and Mrs. Sadie Glass. <br />Miami Beach went to Ros:f', the first social welfare or- Services .will be at 12:30 <br />as we callep her. She aJ. ganization in Miami' Beach, Rose Weiss p,m. today at the Riverside <br />, ways had her fing~~ on the taking food baskets to the ... 'uneleceed councilman' Alton Road Chapel. <br />. pulse of the people. poor at Thanksgiving and (y The-'family'reqiJ"ests nie:- <br />. s-t!8Tm:d L1!~ was also In- pilsl dlrecLul uf Ptoneernt--m6l'ialH6-4i~he-J <br />.-. title of-unelected council- volved with the.. organiza- Miami,. Inc. ish Home for the Aged, or ~~~:e~ <br />man because "she never tion of several Jewish social When Mrs. Weiss retired the Hebrew Academy, or to owner <br />, from N <br />,:m,issed a meeting," said antfivic elubs, a!1d was a to the Jewish Home for the Mount Sinai Hospital. ~:::;~' <br />-,-.:=:Q!Y=~Q~g'O..JosephcW~.-,_m .,",..- ..-.-... .:~. ::....:..:.h._.___.~c ..::':~==c=--=:c=,,::ccc::'.';"".==. _.__u.__n__ -..---.._._--nh._., ...___. ~ <br />ick. "She was always there .______hm._.u_._.__,;_-.____.____ ~~f.:m. <br />in the front row, and__when n -Servl~ <br />e-spo -up;-'she-gotllMi - -ment e <br />tion. We always knew she welcom <br />~nOcfetecH>ress--wa~aking-in-the-pubtic NEW-Y6RK (AP) the thst p1ofessor' 'of---an <br />interest," ' Dr. Virginia Apgar, devel- esthesiology there. She esti- <br />Councilman Leo n a r doper of the "Apgar Score' ,mate recent y t at sea <br />Weinstein said, "She was that evauJates newborn in- assisted in the delivery of <br />'tiriaouotedly one of the fants, died Wednesday. She more than 17,000 babies. <br />g rea t ladies of Miami was 65, A person of many inter- <br />Beach, She was something The test, routinely used ests. she played the. yiola <br />o( a matriarch. She was a in delivery rooms, provide,> with symphony orchestras <br />leader of innovations in the norms forphysiCiansto and was a member of ama- <br />school board, and helped quickly judge the health of teur chamber music groups. <br />see that Miami Beach devel- an infant. It involves meas- She was also a ,member of <br />oped the way it did." uring an infant's heart rate, the Gatgut Accoustical So- <br />Mrs. Weiss, was born in respiration, muscle tone, re- ciety, a group that made its <br />Mezerich, Russia, and came flexes and color 60 seconds own string instruments. <br />to New York with her fami- after birth and again four She is _ survived m by a <br />W- during the--pogroms. In minutes later. brother, L a w~ r e ne e C. <br />I !:f2U she moved to Miami Dr. Apgar was a senior Apgar, of Pocono Lakes, <br />vice president for medical 1\.1 J <br />affairs of --th-e~ionar'--P'. .. <br />C Re nold Foundation-March of <br /> <br />: , \~~':;;;,~~ · Y S, ?';"~.n ~d ~~~'l:.\i'l:: E ogene ~ (Jllg) _ Ammons, <br /> <br />f.!Y:'kincr;--and-'-83-~-=-KOOred-- '- C 0'1, u-mo I a flresDvtefJan -- . --. . <br />lW they were ., _ .___ --. _~lCaLC.e*r. where she - ~ote .' ~.A.p <br />e a second bad been undergoing diag- -1~ Ul'eU u..i1lo..U' <br />first WClS al. .1.loII.cem.._ an. nastie tests. The exact <br />1 . . . _ cause of death was not im- <br />me<liately known, he said. <br />Charles R ReynnJQ~. 88,. Dr-Apgat-WaJ-aliO ca- <br />a retired Miami policeottP author-pnhe Dook, "Is My <br />, eel'.._ med_Tu.esday. :-in_ ~~.Baby ...AIl Rtgbt?.':- and.mare <br /> <br /> <br />THt:/f1:A/1 t' Itt?/l/fr.,j <br />hd oj 17 7Y' ), ?-.P <br /> <br />DEATHS. <br /> <br />, ' <br /> <br />'Mother .of Miami Beach' 'Rose <br /> <br />. -CNN-SCHLI\TIElt"=-Bea'cn-witTl--lier Jiusha-na~ <br />Hereld Writer Jeremiah Weiss. He died in <br /> <br /> <br />OeFR; <br />HENR) <br />pa,ssoo <br />be ant <br />CHAPE <br /> <br />uilcl.-rs <br />"S ,lit! job <br /> <br /> <br />ROSE, <br />bles pa <br />er o. <br />coming <br />bva SI <br />~~~s~~~ <br /> <br />Gables <br />oIMB. <br />N,Y.C. <br />grandcl <br />Fri. 1 <br />HOME <br />emete <br />the hor <br />plan 47 <br /> <br />imh <br /> <br /> <br />-HAY1 <br />WALLI <br />. , Blscav. <br />6. He <br />NewPOI <br />rellred <br />- -, .orlgina <br /> <br />viigiDra'Xpgar'" ,.~t~: <br /> <br />. . . deve.lQp.erl. 'e,~t l~: (;~ <br />-. viiTOl'S <br />(Pat), <br />(Toby) <br />nieces <br />e. Fr <br />COFEI <br />ERA! <br />.- - '-=-.J~ed'- <br />call al <br /> <br />lse <br /> <br />40 <br /> <br />lLttd hauling <br />ld whatever <br />d UJ)e" fiaid <br />. ,~._~..._--,-_.. <br /> <br />CHICAGO - (AP) <br />Jazz great Eugene--{Jug) <br />funmons, known for his <br />earthy, blues.rooted. tenor <br /> s~.I.~,..~-as died in <br />_ ~f;,,-f'__';,- ,;.._ .I_~J!I...__ _ <br /> <br />most of the great jazz fig- <br />ures ot-lH&-ge~ .' <br />eluding .... Dizzy Gilles ie <br />Charlie ~Par-ker-an(J I es-", <br />Davis, . ., <br /> <br />t'-'bull. <br />~Mt <br /> <br />
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