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ORDINANCE NO, 2016-4024 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE MAYOR AND CITY <br /> COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF MIAMI BEACH, <br /> FLORIDA, AMENDING MIAMI BEACH CITY CODE <br /> CHAPTER 2, ARTICLE VII, DIVISION 3, ENTITLED <br /> "LOBBYISTS," SECTION 2-482(a)(4) THEREOF, BY <br /> REQUIRING A LOBBYIST WHO HAS WITHIN THE <br /> PAST ELECTION CYCLE PROVIDED CAMPAIGN <br /> CONSULTING SERVICES TO AN INCUMBENT <br /> MEMBER OF THE CITY COMMISSION TO DISCLOSE <br /> SUCH PARTICULAR SERVICE ON HIS/HER <br /> LOBBYIST REGISTRATION FORM AND TO DISCLOSE <br /> SUCH PARTICULAR SERVICE ORALLY BEFORE <br /> LOBBYING THE CITY COMMISSION AT A PUBLIC <br /> MEETING, PROVIDING DEFINITIONS; AND <br /> PROVIDING FOR REPEALER, SEVERABILITY, <br /> CODIFICATION, AND AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND CITY COMMISSION <br /> OF THE CITY OF MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA: <br /> SECTION 1. That Miami Beach City Code Chapter 2, Article VII, Division 3, entitled <br /> "Lobbyists," section 2-482(a)(4)thereof, is hereby amended to read as follows: <br /> Sec. 2-482.— Registration; disclosures. <br /> (a) All lobbyists shall, before engaging in any lobbying activities, register with the city clerk. <br /> Every person required to register shall register on forms prepared by the clerk, pay a <br /> registration fee of$350.00, as specified in appendix A and state under oath: <br /> (4) The commissioner or personnel sought to be lobbied, and whether the lobbyist has entered <br /> into any contractual relationship (paid or unpaid) with said city commissioner or personnel from <br /> 12 months preceding such person's commencement of service with the city to the present date, <br /> stating the general nature of the subject contractual relationship. <br /> a. A lobbyist who has within the past election cycle provided campaign consulting <br /> services to an incumbent member of the City Commission shall disclose such <br /> particular service on his/her lobbyist registration form and shall orally disclose such <br /> particular service before lobbying the City Commission at a public meeting. <br />