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Board and Committee Liaison Responsibilities <br /> <br />1. The Committee Liaison shall, at the first meeting of the Committee, provide a review <br />and a copy of City Code Section 2-22 for Committee members. In addition, a <br />monthly meeting calendar must be established and approved by the Committee <br />members. <br /> <br />2. The Liaison should contact the Office of the City Attorney to arrange for an <br />Ethics/Sunshine Law briefing for the Committee at its first meeting, or as soon <br />thereafter as possible. As often as deemed necessary by the Liaison, the Liaison <br />should contact the Office of the City Attorney to arrange for Ethics/Sunshine Law <br />training for the board members. <br /> <br />3. The Liaison, with the Committee chairperson, will assist in the agenda preparation <br />and its distribution to all Committee members. The Committee should determine <br />among its members how new items will be placed on the agenda. <br /> <br />4. The Liaison will make sure that all meetings are properly noticed in the Weekly <br />Meeting Notices, Thursday’s Neighbors Section of The Miami Herald. The meeting <br />date, time, and location will need to be emailed to Any <br />questions regarding noticing cut-off date(s) should be directed to the Office of the <br />City Clerk. <br /> <br />5. For each meeting, the Liaison will prepare an attendance sign-in sheet and make <br />sure that each member, and those present at the meeting, sign-in. The Liaison will <br />also prepare the attendance quarterly report. The Liaison must submit the quarterly <br />attendance report to the Office of the City Clerk. The Liaison will notify the Office of <br />the City Clerk when a board member has missed 33% of the regularly scheduled <br />Committee meetings. In January of each year, the Committee must vote on a <br />chairperson and establish the meeting dates for the New Year. <br /> <br />6. The Liaison is responsible for creating the meeting minutes and seeking Committee <br />approval of the minutes, via the Agenda, at the next Committee meeting. The <br />meeting minutes, at a minimum, must reflect: <br /> <br />a. A list of Committee members in attendance; <br /> <br />b. The action taken on each agenda item (e.g. Approved, Approved as amended, <br />Deferred, Discussion held, Not approved, Not reached, Opened and continued, <br />Report given, or Withdrawn); and <br /> <br />c. If there is a vote taken on an item, it must contain the name of the maker of the <br />motion, a detailed description of the motion, the name of the Committee member <br />who seconded the motion, and the vote. It is important to note any member(s) <br />who oppose the motion, any member(s) who are absent during the vote, and any <br />member(s) abstaining due to conflict. A member abstaining from a vote must 1) <br />announce his/her conflict when the item is called and leave the meeting during